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Top Code Collaboration Tools

Top Code Collaboration Tools

Code Collaboration is the new buzz word. With the rapid spread of the SOHO concept (Small Office Home Office), independent contractors are taking over the job of online project creation. These independent contractors are not just run-of-the-mill freelancers. Some of the most highly skilled individuals have become independent. There are companies who conduct and execute all their online projects with the help of these independent contractors. So far only small projects were their domain. But lately, more and more such independently active technical experts are collaborating to execute really large projects. Some fast growing startups, like dating site Hinge and the free sex app Local Sexfinder, are among the businesses capitalizing off of this approach. It is predicted that by 2027, over 50% of all American workers will be independent contractors. Effective code collaboration tools are therefore an important area of study when considering strategies for code collaboration.

Top Picks

Project managers confirm that there exist enough tools for management of whole projects and for team collaborations. But actual code collaboration tools are as yet few and far in between. Code collaboration is essential on larger projects, particularly Real Time Code Collaboration. Here are a few Code Collaboration Tools which are currently available in the market. Starting with Newsletter Template Builder, we have Brackets + Multihack-Brackets. Then there is Bootstrap Template Builder, Sublime Text + Remote Collab. There is also Firepad, Codepad.co, CodePen, Codeshare, Codeanywhere and SSH and tmux. Finally there is also the Atom + Teletype. Of course, some of these tools are more effective than others, while some others satisfy specific collaboration needs. The choice of which code collaborator Tool will be used often depends on the Central Project Manager, but generally the requirements and needs of the collaborators are taken into account. Group discussions on the Code/s to be used form an important topic of discussion when project parameters are finalized. Often standards are set by the final Users or Customers, and this is followed by the complete group.

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Brief Tool Descriptions

Newsletter Template Builder is one of the best code collaboration tools. Even beginners can create and edit email templates online, and with Postcards, have more than one hundred components to assist them. GitHub has designed an open and free source package to assist code sharing amongst Atom users. Portals are created by the tools which are Virtual Collaboration Spaces. These portals can be joined by the collaborators on invitation, and are provided the means to work together at the same time. Security is provided by peer-to-peer connectivity through encrypted WebRTC. The famous Adobe Lab has brought a tool called Brackets which is a powerful Code Editor, with an attractive interface. On the other hand the Bootstrap Template Builder can, with Startup, build up online websites with readymade templates. Remote Collab is for use with Sublime Text. Remote Host Sessions are possible with this highly effective tool. Finally, AWS Cloudnine completes this list of best code tools. Created by Amazon, this allows independent developers, working as contractors, to write, run and de-bug the collaboration code using a Code editor. Cloudnine supports JAVA script, PHP, Python and many more programming languages.