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Using GitHub To Become A Better Programmer

Using GitHub To Become A Better Programmer

The hosting service of an open-source repository which is like a cloud for code is known as GitHub. It can host your projects of source code in different types of programming languages. It also keeps on tracking the several alterations that are performed to each and every iteration made. The administration can perform this by utilizing git which is a system of revision control that actually runs in the command line interface. The other kind of sources which are similar to GitHub are Microsoft team foundation server and BitBucket etc. Yet the community sheer size should be crucial to you if you require most of the individuals to look at your venture. The GitHub is said to have about twenty-eight million people which is actually more than its rivals. Another kind of differences includes price. GitHub provides repositories which are private only at an extra price while some of the other administrations provide repositories which are private for free of cost. But these things normally come with bandwidth and limited storage. When you use GitHub to become a better developer, it makes it simple to collaborate with peers and colleagues and also allow you in looking back at your work’s previous versions. Let’s look at the different reasons to use GitHub or considering it to become a better developer.

Reasons to use GitHub to become a better developer

There are some reasons to utilize GitHub for becoming a better developer or learn to code better.

Community reviews your code in GitHub:

Your venture is the main thing which is like a skeleton. It performs the things based on your command that what you want it to perform. Still, you are not sure always how the population who are wider will improve it or does your project is suitable for all the individuals. When you post your venture on the GitHub, the programmers that belong to a wider community and the other developers can evaluate and download your works. They can offer you suggestions on possible problems like the unforeseen issues of dependency or conflicts that occur in your project. This can let you correct your code easily to suit everyone and make your project work for others.

You can track the changes in your code and collaborate it across different versions:

When you are utilizing google drive or Microsoft word, you can have a version code history so that you don’t lose it with each and every iteration. When you use GitHub while learning the code, you can be able to track the modification that is happening in a changelog. So that you can easily understand what actually is altered every time. This type of highlight in GitHub is mainly helpful in looking back in time and fastly determine the changes that a collaborator has done in your code. This will let you correct the code and makes you a better developer.

GitHub is known to be a Repository:

It enables your project to get out before the public, this is the reason GitHub is said to be a repository. Also, it is known to be one of the biggest communities of coding which are present around. Such that utilizing the GitHub can offer you more amount of exposure for you and your project. When most of the individuals will review your venture, then there will be more people whose attention is drawn to see your work and likely attract them to looking at your project.

Utilize the different options of multiple integrations:

You can integrate this GitHub with common frameworks like Google Cloud and Amazon. You can also include it with the administrations such as code climate in order to track your feedback which you give in GitHub. And this can simply highlight the syntax of the programs of your project to be shown in two hundred different programming languages.

Follow the trend of open source:

Most of the organizations and companies which are small and large are actually taking up solutions of open source. The EnterpriseDB provides Postgres which is the open-source databased and it posts on its site that the technologies of the open-source enable the higher versatility and flexibility in a modifying coding environment which is changing constantly. It also cites the consumer financial protection bureau and department of defence to move towards the open-source for responding fastly to the changes that are happening in technology or innovation.

Open source projects have more flexibility as they offer more amount of response in a fast manner to the demands of the market. The programs of the closed source may exist inside the bubble while you try to convince the bigger market about the value being opposed to the responsive in a genuine way. Using GitHub offers you with a community where the developers or programmers are performing their tasks for solving their present issues and producing the solutions that are accessible to the public or community of public

Discover talent for your company:

The GitHub community breadth can few of the times discover the developers or programmers who are working on the same ventures. Or finds the programmers who have experience, vision, or skills that make them a good fit for your company. So being a piece of the community in GitHub can track the talented individuals, work with them, and can also even bring them to associate with you to work along with you. People are often being recruited for innovative startup companies ranging from dating apps to some of the best sex sites. Adult dating companies are often recruiting from GitHub due to the open source nature of the community and its members lending itself well to the alternative nature of the content they deliver.

Implement and develop a strategy of management:

Normally, you might have many individuals doing work on ventures at the same time and most of them are living at various locations or even at other countries. By using GitHub, you can have the ability to collaborate on venture and establish for various collaborators with a system to work as a team without getting involved with each other. For instance, you are in conflict with the approach of another collaborator. Each person can know and look at what others are doing and ventures that are managed in a path that is better for your organization’s needs and for your staff.

Thus, these are the reasons to use GitHub for becoming a great developer and learn to code.

Code Collaboration Tools/Collaborative Coding

Top Code Collaboration Tools

Top Code Collaboration Tools

Code Collaboration is the new buzz word. With the rapid spread of the SOHO concept (Small Office Home Office), independent contractors are taking over the job of online project creation. These independent contractors are not just run-of-the-mill freelancers. Some of the most highly skilled individuals have become independent. There are companies who conduct and execute all their online projects with the help of these independent contractors. So far only small projects were their domain. But lately, more and more such independently active technical experts are collaborating to execute really large projects. Some fast growing startups, like dating site Hinge and the free sex app Local Sexfinder, are among the businesses capitalizing off of this approach. It is predicted that by 2027, over 50% of all American workers will be independent contractors. Effective code collaboration tools are therefore an important area of study when considering strategies for code collaboration.

Top Picks

Project managers confirm that there exist enough tools for management of whole projects and for team collaborations. But actual code collaboration tools are as yet few and far in between. Code collaboration is essential on larger projects, particularly Real Time Code Collaboration. Here are a few Code Collaboration Tools which are currently available in the market. Starting with Newsletter Template Builder, we have Brackets + Multihack-Brackets. Then there is Bootstrap Template Builder, Sublime Text + Remote Collab. There is also Firepad,, CodePen, Codeshare, Codeanywhere and SSH and tmux. Finally there is also the Atom + Teletype. Of course, some of these tools are more effective than others, while some others satisfy specific collaboration needs. The choice of which code collaborator Tool will be used often depends on the Central Project Manager, but generally the requirements and needs of the collaborators are taken into account. Group discussions on the Code/s to be used form an important topic of discussion when project parameters are finalized. Often standards are set by the final Users or Customers, and this is followed by the complete group.

atom collaborative coding

Brief Tool Descriptions

Newsletter Template Builder is one of the best code collaboration tools. Even beginners can create and edit email templates online, and with Postcards, have more than one hundred components to assist them. GitHub has designed an open and free source package to assist code sharing amongst Atom users. Portals are created by the tools which are Virtual Collaboration Spaces. These portals can be joined by the collaborators on invitation, and are provided the means to work together at the same time. Security is provided by peer-to-peer connectivity through encrypted WebRTC. The famous Adobe Lab has brought a tool called Brackets which is a powerful Code Editor, with an attractive interface. On the other hand the Bootstrap Template Builder can, with Startup, build up online websites with readymade templates. Remote Collab is for use with Sublime Text. Remote Host Sessions are possible with this highly effective tool. Finally, AWS Cloudnine completes this list of best code tools. Created by Amazon, this allows independent developers, working as contractors, to write, run and de-bug the collaboration code using a Code editor. Cloudnine supports JAVA script, PHP, Python and many more programming languages.

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Hiring Freelance Programmers

Hiring Freelance Programmers

Today, most of the growing companies are thinking about hiring freelance programmers. There are many reasons behind this and most importantly cost-cutting. Along with that, when you decide to hire freelance programmers there will not be any location restriction. So, you can get resources from any location in this globe. Hiring freelance programmers can change the way your company is working currently. It changes so many things along with cost-cutting.

Initially, you will feel challenging to hire a freelance programmer. Hence, you need to have the right plans in place you can make this hiring job easier than you think. Initially, you need to understand the needs of your company. After that, you should start searching for the right freelancer who can fulfill your needs. So, there are many things to consider before you decide to hire a freelance programmer. Most important thing is, you should hire a freelance on whom you can rely on in all kinds of work.

The Process of Hiring a Freelance Programmer

As told earlier, you should ask yourself a question before you contact a freelance programmer. Yes, what you need? So, first understand what you need, what you want to ask from a freelance programmer. It can be any kind of programming needs like writing a set of code or updating some images on your web page. It can also be for development of some mobile app. The hiring of a freelance programmer depends on your needs and requirements.

After understanding your needs or type of project, now you should start thinking about the scope of the project. Decide whether a freelance can fit in for this scope or not. In some cases, when you don’t’ have the clarity you may feel like hiring a regular employee rather a freelancer. So, it all depends on the project and its scope.

Everything depends on your clarity about the project and your needs. Always think about entire works including the deadline mentioned. Before even you take the interview of the freelance programmer, you need to very clear to define everything for the programmer. There should not be any place for assumptions and chance.

Analyze The Skillset

Once you are clear and explain everything to a freelance programmer, it’s time to analyze his skills. Always analyze his skills based on his previous projects and talk to him clearly by asking all the required questions. Make sure he can complete the project on time without any delay.
Defining requirements and scope are very important in hiring a freelance developer or programmer. If you define a scope he should be able to finish the project in that scope. If you extend the scope, then you have to pay more as per the work.

Freelance Sources

toptal freelance programmers

So, now you are ready with needs, scope, and project. So, it’s time to start searching for a freelance programmer. Where to search for a freelance programmer? There are many ways to find and one of them is, if you know someone locally then you can hire them. Otherwise, you need to find a freelance programmer online. There are hundreds of websites where you can find freelance programmer.

It is better to rely on websites like Upwork which are dedicated to freelancers. Here you can easily come to know about their background and their past work. You can analyze their skill set, find out their location and read their reviews. Before hiring or talking to them you need to look at their previous projects. Once you think, he is the match you can contact that particular freelance programmer.

Make a list of freelance programmers and then start filtering them based on their skillset. After that, you can see their rates. These two measures help in filtering out most of the freelance programmers. After this, you can look at the reviews against them and previous projects.

Dealing With a Freelance Programmer

Once you have found some freelance programmers, you can start dealing with them. Come to the verbal agreements and start assigning them the project. Making a contract is very important in freelancing and the contract should talk about the budget and scope of the project.

You should always be very honest about the budget. Only because he is not hired directly in the office, there is no point in paying too much. You should check the market price and then decide a decent budget.

The Takeaway

There are a lot of advantages of this freelancing model which most of the companies are opting for today. Even though they have office space and have permanent employees, for some projects they want to depend on freelancers. Hiring freelance programmers can be really effective and cost-saving as well. You can save a lot on a project if you get the work done by a freelancer. Once the project is over, you need not pay him regularly as you do for permanent employees.