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Hiring Freelance Programmers

Hiring Freelance Programmers

Today, most of the growing companies are thinking about hiring freelance programmers. There are many reasons behind this and most importantly cost-cutting. Along with that, when you decide to hire freelance programmers there will not be any location restriction. So, you can get resources from any location in this globe. Hiring freelance programmers can change the way your company is working currently. It changes so many things along with cost-cutting.

Initially, you will feel challenging to hire a freelance programmer. Hence, you need to have the right plans in place you can make this hiring job easier than you think. Initially, you need to understand the needs of your company. After that, you should start searching for the right freelancer who can fulfill your needs. So, there are many things to consider before you decide to hire a freelance programmer. Most important thing is, you should hire a freelance on whom you can rely on in all kinds of work.

The Process of Hiring a Freelance Programmer

As told earlier, you should ask yourself a question before you contact a freelance programmer. Yes, what you need? So, first understand what you need, what you want to ask from a freelance programmer. It can be any kind of programming needs like writing a set of code or updating some images on your web page. It can also be for development of some mobile app. The hiring of a freelance programmer depends on your needs and requirements.

After understanding your needs or type of project, now you should start thinking about the scope of the project. Decide whether a freelance can fit in for this scope or not. In some cases, when you don’t’ have the clarity you may feel like hiring a regular employee rather a freelancer. So, it all depends on the project and its scope.

Everything depends on your clarity about the project and your needs. Always think about entire works including the deadline mentioned. Before even you take the interview of the freelance programmer, you need to very clear to define everything for the programmer. There should not be any place for assumptions and chance.

Analyze The Skillset

Once you are clear and explain everything to a freelance programmer, it’s time to analyze his skills. Always analyze his skills based on his previous projects and talk to him clearly by asking all the required questions. Make sure he can complete the project on time without any delay.
Defining requirements and scope are very important in hiring a freelance developer or programmer. If you define a scope he should be able to finish the project in that scope. If you extend the scope, then you have to pay more as per the work.

Freelance Sources

toptal freelance programmers

So, now you are ready with needs, scope, and project. So, it’s time to start searching for a freelance programmer. Where to search for a freelance programmer? There are many ways to find and one of them is, if you know someone locally then you can hire them. Otherwise, you need to find a freelance programmer online. There are hundreds of websites where you can find freelance programmer.

It is better to rely on websites like Upwork which are dedicated to freelancers. Here you can easily come to know about their background and their past work. You can analyze their skill set, find out their location and read their reviews. Before hiring or talking to them you need to look at their previous projects. Once you think, he is the match you can contact that particular freelance programmer.

Make a list of freelance programmers and then start filtering them based on their skillset. After that, you can see their rates. These two measures help in filtering out most of the freelance programmers. After this, you can look at the reviews against them and previous projects.

Dealing With a Freelance Programmer

Once you have found some freelance programmers, you can start dealing with them. Come to the verbal agreements and start assigning them the project. Making a contract is very important in freelancing and the contract should talk about the budget and scope of the project.

You should always be very honest about the budget. Only because he is not hired directly in the office, there is no point in paying too much. You should check the market price and then decide a decent budget.

The Takeaway

There are a lot of advantages of this freelancing model which most of the companies are opting for today. Even though they have office space and have permanent employees, for some projects they want to depend on freelancers. Hiring freelance programmers can be really effective and cost-saving as well. You can save a lot on a project if you get the work done by a freelancer. Once the project is over, you need not pay him regularly as you do for permanent employees.